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          But Eun Sang’s reaction to him tho..


romwe fall knits |         

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new iphone casee! 

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Do the braid

This is just the basics of braiding. If you know these 8 basic braids, you can do billions of differend hairstyles. Here’s a roundup, from top to bottom, left to right. There’s always a link to a basic tutorial and then a few links to hairstyles you can do with that type of braid.

1. Regular, 3-strand braid basic tutorial // sidebraid // milkbraid

2. 4-strand braid basic tutorial // with a scarf

3. Rope braid basic tutorial // french rope // bun // twisted rope braid wrap-around

4. French braid basic tutorial // upside down // to the side // bangs 

5. Fishtail braid basic tutorial // french fishtail

6. 5-strand braid basic tutorial // braid in braid 

7. Dutch braid basic tutorial // bangs // wrap-around // up-do

8. Waterfall braid basic tutorial // waterfall braid + how to finish it off

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